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Who manufactures EcoSep products?
TechResource manufactures and markets products under the brand name EcoSep. We issue a Manufacturing Certificate to facilitate purchasing formalities. Our registered office is in Mumbai.

What happens when my equipment does not work?
This is a rare possibility as EcoSep products are manufactured with utmost care. If you do face a problem in the first year, you can just ship the product to our office in Mumbai with the warranty card and we will repair it for you FREE OF COST, as we issue a ONE-YEAR warranty* against manufacturing defects for all our products.

I am buying a ‘Ready-to-use system’. What else do I need to order with it to make my products functional?
Ready-to-use systems as the name suggests are READY-TO-USE with all essential components to run the system. Electrophoresis and blotting units require a power pack to become functional.
You can order our various accessories to make your life simpler and your experiments quicker, BUT they are all optional.

How do I clean my equipment?
To wash electrophoresis and electroblotting apparatus use a mild liquid detergent and non-abrasive sponge (not bar or powder detergents and scrubbers). For other equipment use a soft dry cloth to wipe off the dust. DO NOT USE chemicals that react with Acrylic!!

I obtained an EcoSep equipment but why does it not look like the photograph in the catalogue/website?
At EcoSep our equipment is modified to reflect improvements in design, manufacturing methods and the economical availability of inputs. We do inform our clients about the changes in advance. In case you have some concerns about the functioning of the product purchased, please contact us via e-mail, phone or snail mail. Remember your equipment is changed to make it better.

How do I order equipment?
Send us an email (ecosep@vsnl.net) with the correct catalog numbers and quantity required. We will get back to you with the details shortly.

When do the prices change?
Quotations are valid for a period of 90 days. Prices are usually revised once a year, but can be changed without notice.

What other costs do I have to pay?
Prices are for ex-sellers place. Packaging extra. Freight is charged at actuals or on a TO-PAY basis. Taxes and levies applicable at the time of dispatch will be borne by the buyer. Currently VAT is 12.5% and for an order accompanied by ‘C’ form the present CST is 2%. Octroi/ LBT are charged as per local rates. Exemptions can be availed ONLY if valid forms are submitted along with the order.

How is the payment to be made?
100% payment on delivery by Demand draft, NEFT, or by crossed Account Payee cheque drawn on any nationalized bank in favor of TECHRESOURCE and payable at par at Mumbai.

Are there other terms of Payment?
Interest @ 15% per annum will be charged if payments are not received as per stipulated TERMS OF PAYMENT

*Breakage of glass plates and electrodes are not covered by warranty.



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